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Whilst initially you will be looking for Sportsbooks and Bookmakers online that will be offer you free bets when you sign up as a new customer at those sites, there are several other factors that makes one site much better than another, and below you will find out what makes each of our featured Bookmakers and Sportsbooks some of the best in the business.

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Online Casinos

There are going to be so many different casino games you can play online at any of our top rated online casinos that you are best advised to make use of each of our casino reviews, as by doing so you will find a complete overview of the range and type of games on offer at each online casino.

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Download and Instant Play Games – You will always be in the driving seat in regards to how you access online casino games. You will have the option of playing via a downloadable gaming platform or you can access the games instantly via any web browser.

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Play Bingo Online

Everyone seems to be opening up online bingo sites these days, not only are established online gambling companies increasing the number of sites they operate by additionally opening up mobile and online bingo sites, but lots of other companies are too!

You will find supermarkets, radio and television stations as well as holiday companies are venturing into the online bingo marketplace, so there are some excellent bingo bonuses and bingo promotions always up for grabs!

As part of our commitment to showcase to you only the cream of the online bingo crop, we have a strict criteria for listing each of our approved bingo sites, and below is an overview of the qualities that each of them offer.

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Why Bet and Gamble Online?

If you are still unsure whether you are going to benefit from all of the extras you will be given access to as an online bingo or casino game player or when you sign up and place any type of sports related bet, then keep on reading.

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Bankroll Boosting Bonuses – True valued bonuses and free bets are available at all gaming sites we have chosen to present to you, however those bonuses do also come with a fair set of terms and conditions so winning when claiming those free bets and bonuses is something you can do!

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New Games and Unique Bet Types – New casino and bingo games are always being rolled out onto the gaming platforms of our showcased sites, plus you will also find quite a diverse range of exclusive bet types offered by our listed Bookmakers and Sportsbooks too.

Multiple Ways to Deposit – You can fund your bingo, casino or sports betting account in one several different ways, including but not limited to credit and debit card deposits, web and e-wallet deposits and also via  prepaid debit or voucher such as PaySafeCard.

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The only way you will find out whether playing bingo or casino game online or even place a sports bet online is for you is for you to give it a try. In regards to bingo and casino games do not forget that you are going to be able to sample any of the games offered at our listed and showcased bingo and casino sites for free which will allow you to see for yourself whether the games on offer are to your liking.

Plus with many of our featured sportsbooks and Bookmakers offering new customers free no risk bets, then you have nothing to lose by signing up to those sites and claiming those free betting bonuses, in fact you may have a lot to gain if those bets you make are winning ones!


Australia has a highly developed online gambling industry, so much so that reports indicate that Australians wager more per head than most other countries with similar economies. The government, and the industry, is currently fighting against problem behaviour in pokies, gaming and sports betting because there have been many instances of people letting their gambling so over their heads.

What is really surprising is that the government has turned its sights on the rapidly expanding video game market.

Video games have come on gambling regulator’s radar because multiplayer games have started adding elements of gambling in order to get a higher degree of engagement from players. Known as eSports, these games were very popular to begin with but players were looking out for an added level of thrills which was provided by gambling. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the best example of a video game that has become popular after it included gambling.

The government of SA has taken a step against online gaming by banning betting on video games like CS:GO.

Consumer and Business Affairs Minister John Rau said that the government was concerned that children would be drawn to gambling as a result of betting on video games. Incidentally, the government is also cracking down on sports betting sites that do not pay taxes.

The eSports industry has become so popular that it is now worth billions of dollars. Virtual sporting battles are watched live by fans and these games can even fill out arenas. There have been many tournaments conducted this year, some of which have attracted more than 15,000 spectators. In fact, the leading players have built up huge fan followings of their own and have become superstars in their own right.

The popularity of these games has attracted third party sites that give gamers the opportunity to win weapons and upgrades that they can then use in the games. There’s no doubt that the games of chance featured on the third party games are quite addictive, but one has to enquire whether the games themselves can cause addiction.

Anti-gambling crusader Nick Xenophon has expanded his war against pokies by calling for greater regulation of eSports in Australia since he likens it to the Wild West of gambling.

As a matter of fact, he also wants the government to cover it under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 since it is extremely popular with young kids who are considered to be most vulnerable to gambling addiction. It has to be admitted that there have been plenty of instances of kids blowing up huge amounts of money on these sites, although these are the exception to the rule.

There is a good chance that the Australian government is wrongly targeting video games because these games might not really be addictive. Oxford University released a report earlier this month that indicated that internet gaming wasn’t as addictive as regular gambling. The study was an attempt to monitor the way in which people played video games. It studied the gaming preferences of approximately 19,000 people living in four different countries.

The Oxford University study monitored various gaming withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, social withdrawal, and loss of control.

Interestingly, less than 3% of the people surveyed admitted to suffering from symptoms that indicated that they suffered from “internet gaming disorder”.

The report also failed to show a direct causal link between playing games online and become addicted to them.

While video games don’t seem to be as addictive as online casino games, it is definitely important to keep tracking their effect on players. In fact, many experts feel that ‘free-play’ pokies pose more of a threat to players at risk of getting addicted.


The online gambling industry has always been first off the blocks when it comes to adopting new technologies. The latest thing to grab the industry’s attention is blockchain, the underlying technology for Bitcoin. As the $41 billion online gambling industry power ahead steadily, Bitcoin is being used more frequently. It is becoming increasingly apparent that this crypto currency is best suited to the online gambling industry because of its many advantages over conventional currencies.

Advocates of blockchain maintain that the online gambling industry has much to benefit from adopting its use widely. For one, this will make gambling more transparent. Blockchain makes use of a decentralized system which consists of a network of independent yet interconnected nodes. This keeps any gambling event free from control by any individual. The network of nodes will have to verify the validity of any transaction, without any inputs from a central entity, and this helps fair and transparent transactions take place without the need for third-party point of trust.

Players at online casinos are indeed warming up to the concept of blockchain and they are opting to gamble on Bitcoin casinos whenever possible.

This has led to an increase in demand for Bitcoin casinos. As a matter of fact, a few casinos such as Xbet.io and BetXCP.com are offering Bitcoin 2.0 solutions, and these are best suited for sports betting.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission executive André Wilsenach pointed out that a ledger system based on blockchain would result in data being shared and decentralized. Regulators would prefer this digitized system because it would provide them easy and quick access to the data they need.

Gambling industry veteran Mark Blandford maintains that blockchain technology has immense potential to be used to keep money laundering under control. Founder of leading British eGaming operator SportingBet, which incidentally is owned by GVC Holdings, he knows a thing or two about how opaque dealings in the industry have been used to mask money laundering and other offences.

Blandford welcomes the use of this technology to ensure that transactions are as transparent as possible so that they can be audited easily.

The online gambling industry has the potential to grow much bigger if only people are convinced about its reliability. Ingustry experts are of the opinion that the widespread adoption of blockchain technology can ensure people that they are not engaging in any illegal activity when they gamble online. Since Bitcoin is the only blockchain that has been proven to work, it is fair to say that increasing numbers of gambling sites will adopt its use.

It is very common to come across blockchain start-ups these days as the gaming industry is seeking to address the serious problem of lack of credibility in it. Take vDice, for instance. This startup was launched last June as the first completely decentralized gambling platform. The platform uses Ethereum Blockchain with Smart Contract technology to offer game codes that operate without a server.

Blockchain vDice executive Jason Colby explained that while the game was inspired by SatoshiDICE, it did not have any server architecture. The game which has been implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract has proven to be popular with gamers all over the world and since the concept has already been proven it is likely that other games will soon be developed. As a matter of fact, the platform will also be made available to other developers who use Ethereum. This will help the industry as a whole as it will nudge it in a new direction.

The gambling industry is definitely anticipating interesting developments which will benefit all the parties concerned.


Slot players have something wonderful to look forward to this festive season with Net Entertainment’s soon to be released Secrets of Christmas slot game. The company has had other Christmas flavoured games in the past, but these were just regular games given a festive twist. Secrets of Christmas is a unique game in that it has been designed especially for the season.

The game can be played with a minimum spin of 25p which makes it ideal if players don’t want to gamble a lot of money. However, adventurous gamblers don’t have to hold back and they can go all the way up to £125 per spin. It all depends on one’s gaming strategy and how much money one is willing to risk.

The game is compatible with all devices which means that one can enjoy it on any mobile phone, tablet, PC or computer. It plays without any delay or interruption. It is possible to win 1,425 times ones wager, but this only happens if one is really lucky! The game makes use of a random Number Generator and the results cannot be tampered with.

What Secrets of Christmas Slot Is About?

Secrets Of Christmas is a very pretty game and it will draw your attention immediately as you see it. It has a backdrop of a rustic cottage with a snowy window that is garlanded with holly. The images on the reels appear on individual windowpanes. The quality of the animation is top notch and it is clear that the designers and animators have put in a lot of effort here. Thus isn’t really very surprising because Net Entertainment games are known for their high quality. The soundtrack comprises of many popular Christmas tunes.

As far as gameplay is concerned, this is a fairly regular game in that it has 5 reels and 3 rows. The game has 25 pay lines which are all permanently activated. There are also a few Christmassy bonus features and symbols that make the game immense fun to play. The symbols used in the game include a stocking, a gingerbread house, a glass of milk, and playing cards that have Christmas lights and Holly on them. The image of the bell has the highest value and five of them on a pay line will give the player 1,250 times the amount wagered.

The image of Santa is the game’s Wild symbol and it can appear on all of the games reels. The game’s scatter is the image of a sack bulging with toys. If at least three scatters land on the reels then the Free Spins feature will be triggered. Players get 10 additional spins when this happens.

Special Features

As mentioned earlier, the game’s scatter symbol triggers the free spins bonus round, but before that players will have to choose from the presents laid out under the tree. The number of presents they get to choose will be determined by the number of scatters that launched the game. Each present gives multipliers or extra spins. This special feature is immensely enjoyable because it features fabulous animation.


It is definitely worth checking out Secrets of Christmas and not just because of its festive theme. In fact, this game is so exciting that people are sure to want to play it throughout the year. There aren’t any major drawbacks to this game and if one loves playing slots then this game offers the total package of fun with the chance of winning money. Besides, since it is a Net Entertainment game it will be featured on a large number of casino, most of which are well known and properly managed.


This piece of writing is about iGaming Summit that was held in Malta SiGMA. It was an expo and conference that was held for two days. The expo attracted hundreds and thousands of foreign visitors that showed immense interest in the expo. The summit held in the intercontinental Hotel of Malta focused on its innovation in b2b slot offerings. It showed the special Ganpati’s Japanese themed slot that became the major highlight of the conference.

In the Words of Anderson

Spike Games CEO, Robert Anderson mentioned in a comment that the usage of mobile devices has rapidly increased to a great extent. As a result of this, Anderson says that it has provided an immense potential for all the video slots offered.

He added that it is going to offer same exciting experience to the players as machines on the casino floors offer.

Anderson is responsible for building the slots and has an experience of almost 25 years in the same. Thus, he has a great knowledge about the slots and a strong understanding of the market.

Other Highlights of the Expo

The SiGMA conference also highlighted the augmented reality (AR) by Btobet’s. The most fascinating part about AR is that it features Simone who is multi-talented and beautiful. Simone appears at the time of scanning the bar code.
On the other hand, Alessandro Fried, BtoBet CEO and SiGMA 2016 speaker highlighted the need of making a change in the approach of the operators. He appealed to the operators that they must modify their approach and should focus on gathering useful customer data from the players. The approach needs to be transited to receiving and giving from taking. He said that this tactic can bring in more customers and can help in retaining them for long.

This data can be acquired at the time when operators point customers to the special bonuses and benefits. The entire valuable data can be gathered when players are shown different betting shops with various odds.

According to Fried, this data will develop into a recommendation engine, the same concept followed by Amazon and Netflix.

About Endorphina

Endorphina captivated the attention of the visitors by offering the new Cheeky Twerk slot. Without a doubt, the sales team of Endorphina has done a great job in this conference after their successful show in Berlin. They came up with their annual road trip that was leaded by Jan Urbanec and Miklos Handa. Their research, understanding of the gaming industry and creativity helped them in developing the Twerk slot.

In addition to this, Christian Ferreri, Casumo Head of Affiliates has encouraged the existence of affiliates in the events. She said that the role of the affiliates is increasing and they should be motivated to a great extent. It is true that Christian has actually rewarded the contribution of all her VIP affiliates to the huge expansion of her brand throughout the UK. She did this at a pre-SiGMA party that took place in a mansion with that beautiful sew view.

The party was concluded with dinner that took place at the Malta Aquarium.

The Bottom Line

It can be inferred that iGaming Summit in Malta proved to be very successful. Different companies and gaming operators got an opportunity to showcase their ideas and future plans contributing to the development of the entire gaming industry. Although Malta is a little state but it has today set its name as a giant iGaming force. The SiGMA conference has made Malta highly popular in the world and has captivated millions of eyes. It is sure that the expo is going to have everlasting effects on the participants.


The city of Atlantic City has shown a great growth in online poker and internet gambling. The highest growth has been highlighted by New Jersey with more and more people turning to online casino games when compared to the land-based casinos. According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) supplies revenue reports, it has been revealed that online peer to peer games made revenue of around $2,016,919 last month equating the increase of 13.9 percent in the month of September 2015. It is true that this amount has increased over months finally coming at $16.23 million this year, an increase by 35 percent.

The Plight of Land Based Casinos

The trend of online casinos has increased to a level where the physical casinos are struggling hard to retain their same position. The state of emergency, hurricane threat and finally the shutting down of the Trump Taj Mahal casino are the factors that have contributed to the decline in the growth of land-based casinos. As a result of this, the revenue of the remaining eight physical casinos actually came down by 3.5 percent making the revenue of just $210 million.

The closing of the Taj casino has actually resulted into a great loss of the land-based industry, as it used to contribute with the highest revenue. The same casino made only around $8.1 million when it was operating, making the loss of more than 51 percent to the industry. However, the entire gambling industry, taking out the Taj casino has shown a great growth. The revenues have increased month over month and the casino world has boomed outstandingly.

The Growth of Online Casinos

When it comes to the online casinos, they all have shown a massive development. PokerStars that operates through Resorts has already become the beloved of hundreds and thousands of players since its inception. However, it has been struggling a lot with its counterparts, Caesars’ World Series of Poker/888 and Borgata’s partypoker to be on the top in the state of New Jersey. The reports of PokerScout.com have clearly shown that PokerStars have a slight edge over others with the seven day average of having 110 cash players.

While talking about the Borgata’s land-based casinos, they continue to dominate the Atlantic City’s market. The biggest proof of this is Marina District casino that actually contributed with $64.3 million. This was the highest of the entire gross gaming revenue of the state. Nonetheless, the online casinos show even more dispersed revenues. For instance, the September gaming win of Golden Nugget stood at $3.66 million, Borgata at $3.39 million, Caesars at $3.24 million, Tropicana at $3.04 million and Resorts at $2.91 million.

The Issues Concerning Amaya

For the UK bookmaking behemoth William Hill, Amaya has become the main subject matter of potential reverse takeover. According to William Hill, Parvus Asset Management, which is the largest shareholder of the company in London, should not even think about buying into Amaya. On the other hand, Parvus announced that the shareholder does not encourage the buying instead, it is asking its management to stop precious time over it. However, William Hill is still not satisfied with this statement, as he considers that no conclusion should be drawn on such incomplete talks and comments. Hill is also concerned about the other potential bidders that include former CEO Davis Baazov and Amaya’s founder himself. Therefore, no final verdict can be given until any official and the final announcements have been made by these potential bidders of Amaya. The meetings, arguments and a discussion is due in the coming weeks over the same.


SkillOnNet is a very popular and experienced software provider that set its landmark by creating the software for BGroom.com, the famous Backgammon website. Right from its inception in the year 2005, the company has shown immense growth in its reputation and the product line. It has gained appreciation for developing the software for various websites such as CasinoRedKings.com and EUcasino.com just to mention a few.

At present, the developer claims to offer 30 different slots including the progressive jackpot slots and others. It puts in more exciting feature like extra spins and bonus games in its slots to captivate the attention of more and more players around the world.

SkillOnNet to Offer Microgaming Content

Recently, the news hit flashing that SkillOnNet is all set to offer Microgaming content to its players. Yes, the developer has made the decision to sign a deal to start offering games developed by Microgaming, another widely known gaming software developer. While talking about the terms of the agreement, it makes it clear that SkillOnNet is going to integrate with Quickfire platform to offer the content of Microgaming.

It simply means that SkillOnNet fans will now be able to enjoy the Micrigaming games on its various websites such as VegasWinner, Megacasino, EUcasino.com, DrueckGlueck, QueenVegas, SlotsMagic and others. In addition to this, the variety of games that will be offered precisely includes Avalon II, Thunderstruck, Mega Moolah etc. in fact, it will also offer some of the most branded and popular titles such as Terminator 2, Bridesmaids and Jurassic Park, which have movie-based themes.

In the Words of Michael Golembo and Andrew Clucas

The director of sales of SkillOnNet, Michael Golembo recently said in an interview that it is the company’s pleasure to offer Microgaming content to all its players. He further added that integrating with Quickfire platform will enable the developer to offer wide ranging casino games of Microgaming to all. It will offer Microgaming’s largest progressive jackpots slots network that will further take it to the next level.

There is no doubt about it that Microgaming will improve the present customer base of SkillOnNet and will result into company making much more profits in the near future. Gomebo said that the company is now ready to take its casinos to the higher level in terms of both mobile online and desktop content. Thus, it is expected that the fans of SkillOnNet will witness something really exciting and interesting to its customers.

On the other hand, the director of Quickfire at Microgaming, Andrew Clucas also mentioned that SkillOnNet has more than ten online gambling sites under it and the expansion with Microgaming content will only help the company in extending the reach of its offers and services to new audiences. The director also stated in a comment that Microgaming is known to have the biggest portfolio of content and is experienced in keeping the player’s intact to it by offering newer slots every month. After the agreement, it is true that SkillOnNet is going to utilize the benefits of Microgaming’s content that is released every month to fascinate more players and bring in more revenue. Andrew further said that the deal will be exciting for both SkillOnNet and Microgaming.

The Bottom Line

SkillOnNet is extremely happy and thrilled to start offering Microgaming content while on the other hand, Microgaming is seeing it as an opportunity to increase its customer base through the new platform. It means that both the developers are looking for new opportunities and are very hopeful about the great success of the new agreement. Yes, the players already are waiting for the merger and to experience a better gaming.


According to new research and studies, people in Britain actually spend more than £416 every year in buying lottery tickets and scratch cards. The studies revealed that 40 percent of the British people bought more than four of these cards and tickets every week. It simply hints at the fact the nation is making huge revenue through the sale of scratch cards and lottery tickets. While talking in figures, almost £26 billion is spent on these cards with the tickets having the odds of 1/116,000,000.

The reports also showed that people hardly win through these tickets and scratch cards. While talking about the odds of winning the highest lottery jackpots of Europe, it is around 1 in 116,531,800. In fact, the traditional scratch cards have win rates of only about 10 percent to 30 percent. However, these people have recognised the fact that there can be a better way to use their money with an assured reward in return.

The Rise of Online Gaming

Realising the loss in buying lottery tickets and scratch cards, the British people have turned to online casinos. The online casinos have become the latest trend circulating the nation. When it comes to the online casinos, LeoVegas is the one that has created the maximum impact on the people by offering up to £1500 in bonuses. The casino is also attracting people by offering them 250 free spins with a return rate of more than 85 percent. No doubt, this new trend is sweeping the nation, as British people have realized that online gaming has better winning odds as compared with the traditional methods.

The Benefits of Online Gambling

It is true that online gaming has better chances of winning than the traditional ways. With the other players pushing the jackpots higher to millions and billions with each spin, the rewards are just so lust-worthy. It is simply because these casinos reduce the house edge in order to increase the potential win of the players. The odds of winning in a traditional casino is around 85-87.5% RTP while the online machines hardly falls below 95% RTP. Thus, the online slots pay you far better than the lan-based casinos. In addition to this, you can enjoy your favorite slots and win millions just within the comforts of your home only. Whether you are chilling on your sofa, traveling in a train or riding on a bus, you can play the casino games on your mobile phone.

On the other hand, the casinos hardly have to put any investment in managing the casino. No extra costs are spent on croupiers, printing, machinery, premises and other costs involved with running a land-based casino. Thus, the saved costs is then spent on offering exciting promotional deals and offers to captivate the attention of more and more players. For instance, LeoVegas offers 250 free spins to all the new players when they sign up for the first time. The free spins continue for the next three deposits that you make on the casino site. Further, this casino is trying hard to attract the British people and set its name in the UK market.

How to Get Started?

To start playing online, you can just hunt for one of the reputed casino websites like LeoVegas and become a member of it. You just need to fill in your basic details while signing up and then reap the benefits of bonuses and offers of the site. Thus, what are you waiting for? It is the time to try your hands at online casinos to win better and take home millions.


Have you been to Vegas lot many times? If yes then you must have experienced the high noises of people shouting, laughing, machines clinking, phones ringing and other distractions. Amidst all these noises, you are hardly able to listen and enjoy the music that is playing in the background of the casino. However, when you play those same slots at an online casino within the luxuries of your home, you can enhance the gaming experience. The online casinos make great use of music and visuals together to create the unique experience. Today, these online casinos have come up with new and exciting music-themed slots to entertain the players.

Enjoy the Karaoke Party Slot Machines

All the music lovers can now enjoy music while playing their favorite slots on the Karaoke Party slot machines. This machine offers the most attractive and unique audio-visual experience to all its players. For sure, this machine stands out from any other casinos like Royal Vegas casino and others. There is no doubt that you will enjoy and have fun playing the video poker or Blackjack at Royal Vegas casino but you will not have the musical entertainment.

Yes, the casino will not offer that amazing music running in the background of it like in Karaoke Party slot machines. The games of this unique slot machine run with a nice synthpop soundtrack, which is interrupted only by the musical jingles that run when you win. However, the best part is that you can switch even these jingles off in order to have an interrupted musical gaming experience. At the time when the bonus is triggered, this experience becomes even more thrilling.

DJ Wild Slot

As the name suggests, this game will take you to the most thrilling and exciting music world. This game has recently been launched by ELK Studios, an emerging Swedish developer. DJ Wild will make you experience the Stockholm EDM club and its musical life. The sound effects of this game have been developed by a local DJ and the entire game is not focused on the visuals at all. In fact, it only boasts off its music and unique gaming experience that it claims to render to its players. It includes neon and strobes with the fiery music to make the crowd go wild and crazy while playing.

Therefore, it can clearly be said that playing DJ WILD will offer you the most unique gaming experience of your life. The bright colors and fast pace of this game is sure to keep your interest and excitement intact for a longer time. To increase the thrill even more, you must play it with your headphones on.

NetEnt Rocks

Here comes another musical entertainment game from the very popular gaming developer, Net Entertainment. This Swedish developer has come up with its new musical series called NetEnt Rocks to offer something entirely unique to its fans. This particular series of game includes three slot machines. These slot machines have been built around artists and different bands that have proved their works in the past such as Motörhead, Jimi Hendrix and Guns n’ Roses. Out of these two, only first two have been launched by now. The last one is anticipated to be launched in the coming fall. It shows that the developer is into developing and releasing the most unique of its games in order to offer something new to its players and retain them.

The Bottom Line

The musical games with high-end music technology and features are sure to captivate the hearts of more and more players in the coming future. Also, players might witness many more musical games in the coming years.

A family-run firm, Bet365 Group Limited is a gambling company in the UK. The company is a private firm based in Stoke-on-Trent, a city in England. It is also the biggest private employer there and employs more than 2,100 people. It was founded in a portakabin in 2000 by Denise Coates. She co-owns this company along with her father, Peter Coates and her brother, John Coates.

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About Bet365

A leading online gambling group across the world, Bet365 serves more than 7 million customers in about 200 countries. In addition to the usual products that it offers like bingo, games, casino, poker, and sports betting, it also offers video streaming of sporting events and an on-course bookmaking service. The site is available in 17 different languages. It also supports a variety of payment methods including Neovia and major debit and credit cards.

An award-winning company, Bet365 has a lot of achievements to its credit. In fact, the most recent achievement was in February 2013 when Denise Coates was named one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK by Woman’s Hour.

Sports Betting at Bet365

Since Bet365 covers a variety of markets, it has a lot of people visiting their website and wagering bets accordingly. They cover most of the markets like American football, baseball, basketball, cricket, horse racing, and greyhound racing. They also cover some unheard of markets like futsal, trotting, bandy, floorball, handball, netball and pelota.

Bet365 offers three price formats-Fractional, Decimal and American. This is very convenient as it gives members a choice to place their bets using three different ways. By viewing the odds in any way, they can then wager accordingly. They also have a number of promos and offers going on all the time. As per the sporting events, the promos keep changing accordingly.

The Bet365 Casino

The Bet365 Casino is an exciting place. Filled with hundreds of interesting and vibrant games, playing here makes it worthwhile. All the games are displayed under various categories making it easy to identify what kinds of games are available at this site. The categories are Jackpots, Games & Keno, Video Poker, Table Games, Card Games, Slot Games and Featured Games.  The Bet365 promo code listed on this site is also available to use on the casino, as well as the sports betting section of the website.

There are two ways in which you can access these games. The first way lets you access the games in your laptop or PC’s browser. The second method needs you to download their casino software. Usually, where an online gambling company offers options of playing through the browser directly or downloading casino software, the software version gives you access to all of its games.

This is also true in the case of this world renowned sports betting company. You’ll have access to more than 200 different and innovative games that can keep you entertained the whole year round. Imagine playing a different game every single day! Make sure you use our Bet365 referrer code when signing up to get more cash to play with and therefore a better chance of winning!

If you’ve always enjoyed playing slot games, then you’ll love what Bet365 has to offer under its category Slot Games. Some of the games that you’ll find here are Rock ‘n Roller, Haunted House, Bermuda Triangle, Crazy 7, Fountain of Youth, Ugga Bugga, Tres Amigos, Tropic Reels and Party Line. All of these games are different from one another and are a whole lot of fun to play.

They also have a number of promos and offers to watch out for. If you’re a new member, then you’re eligible to get up to $200 as a welcome bonus on your initial deposit.

The Games at Bet365

Bet365 Games section has a completely different range of games. Here, you’ll see a lot of games that you may find at any other online gaming casino. Broadly, they have been categorised under Games and Instant Wins. These two categories are further categorised to make it easier for people to find the games that they are looking for. So, under Games, you’ll find Featured, HiLo Games, Table Games, Slots, Numbers & Keno, Arcade, TV Shows, Jackpots, and Instant Wins. Under Instant Wins, you’ll find Featured, Classic, Sports, Fantasy, Casino, and Slots.

These Instant Win games are exactly what the name suggests. Play them and you stand a chance of winning some cash instantly. The Fantasy category has a great selection of games like Crazy Cat, Treasure Island, Esmeralda, Knights Battle, Hat Trick, Outer Space, and Club Pearl.